Flash & Filigree


BL-15  Information addicts Diana Ossana and Larry McMurtry are plunging into the trackless jungles of the blogs, Larry a first-time computer user, and Diana a practiced hand, as they trek through the topics of the day, which might be almost anything:  NFL Quarterbacks; Hollywood superstars, what few are left; Hillary and the President on 60 Minutes, the consummate professionals, doing our country credit; or Tina Fey’s last episode of 30 Rock, though she remains as bright and sexy as ever.

We, Larry and Diana, don’t have all the answers, but we do have a whole bunch of the questions.  Why in the fullness of, if time is full, did Larry, after sixty years at the manual typewriter, accept the dry embrace of the computer?  Why did he switch?  Mainly because of the ocean of information immediately available via the Internet?  Or out of a desire to communicate with Diana and other friends, even if he’s only a foot or two away from Diana?  Is it because Diana has the news before he does, and he wants to surprise her for a change with some breaking story?

Well, he has a laptop now and has reconnected with the rest of the world.  Though young at computering, it hasn’t taken him long to discern the potential.  He sometimes wishes he had switched sooner, but when he thinks hard about typewriters and computers, he’s mainly glad that he took his time, clacking away through the years.  Why?  Because the digital revolution has only come to maturity in the last few years, and it’s taken the full panoply of FaceTime, Twitter, Google, and iPhones to convince him that there is no going back.  Computers offer more, not less.  Much flash and even more filigree.

To Larry, it’s e-mail that constitutes a revolution in the ordering of human exchange.  If Larry were already computer savvy, and with not too much effort, he could himself e-mail Hillary, or Beyoncé, or Tina Fey.

And that is something new.

– Larry and Diana


  1. vibratto

    Wow !!! It’s hard to believe that Larry has traded in his manual friends and become computer savvy, maybe there is hope for my Luddite partner. 🙂

  2. Alix Holling

    Great to see this finally coming to fruition, ‘the dry embrace of a computer’ love it! Looking forward to reading more. All the best success to you both and your minions! X

  3. the internet exists so i never have to go to bed wondering why, when, how much, or where, about everything. it is a limitless track of information at one’s fingertips.

    its also bad for your circulation if there is no one to remind you to get up and move about from time to time, as hours pass into hours turn into days sifting through all the data available about anyone or any thing one can think of, and a good many one NEVER thought of…

    welcome to the universes and the microcosms, all as close as a click.

  4. Paula Bosse

    Wow. Larry and a laptop? What a shock. …And congratulations! I always hoped my father would dip a toe in the digital waters because he would have LOVED the immediate access to breaking political news and commentary and to the roiling weirdness of UFO message boards and professional wrestling sites. And pithy exchanges with his fellow Texas booksellers would have worked just as well via email as they did via his infamous postcards … only faster. Sadly, he didn’t get a chance. You’ll love it, Larry. Welcome to the blogging world, Diana and Larry!

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