We will write about matters in several spheres that resonate with us, to wit: the arts generally; movies; major personalities and players in Hollywood, sports, and the world in general; the higher journalism; the firearms debate; style in politics and fashion; the Coen brothers; advances in the digital age, and why Larry writes on a manual typewriter; the human spirit as it manifests itself in public life, and on and on.  

                                            – Larry and Diana


  1. Jerry Wanek

    Truly one of the highlights of my life was helping to bring your beautiful words to life I love you both for giving me that opportunity, it changed my life. Hope you are well, miss you both.
    Your friend Jerry Wanek

  2. Barbara Addison

    Thoroughly enjoyed your forum at Tucson Festival of Books, 2013. Look forward eagerly to The Berrybinders as a series like Downton Abbey, please do!!!!!

  3. August Sugar

    I worked with a woman in Washington, D.C. years ago who didn’t think my sister was thoughtful enough. She said “If you were my sister, I wouldn’t have slept ’till I arranged for you to have lunch with Larry McMurtry.” She understood.

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